Our Mission, Goals and Values

As the umbrella organization that provides support to the Adult Foster Care providers, our mission is multi-faceted. Together we strive to advocate for the continued development of those much-needed services for the populations we serve. We believe that all people who are unable to fully care for themselves have the right to live in a safe and nurturing home of their choice. 

The goals of the Massachusetts Council for Adult Foster Care include: 

  • Supporting provider agencies by promoting integrity in service delivery and providing ongoing training.
  • Educating the public on the availability of Adult Foster Care as a care option and outlining how this program could be beneficial for seniors and those with disabilities.
  • Advocating in front of the state Executive Office of Health and Human Services and the state Legislature for appropriate funding to support these services.
  • Promoting the development of research to advance what makes adult foster care services work.

Our dedicated volunteer Board of Directors spearheads these efforts to broaden the availability and awareness of our program.

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