The Adult Foster Care  is a state-funded program that transforms lives. Its services allow seniors and persons with disabilities who need assistance with personal care tasks to remain in a home and in the community with a qualified and approved caregiver. We at the Massachusetts Council for Adult Foster Care  offer professional support to the agencies across the state that provide this valuable program.

The Adult Foster Care program is steeped in the fundamental belief that people have a right to remain at home, in a community setting. This is paramount to the success of our program. Choice leads to independence and dignity for the participant, which helps foster a more meaningful and successful outcome. 

Dedicated and supportive care in the home leads to better mental and physical health, greater participant satisfaction and dignity, as well as a reduction in falls and reduced hospitalizations, which in turn result in cost savings to the family and the state.  

When we become involved in an individual's care, our multidisciplinary care teams, which include the participant, the caregiver, a registered nurse and a case manager, carefully develop a plan of care that meets the participants' medical, physical, emotional, social and other needs. We also ensure the safety of our participants. 

Our providers' support of participants is invaluable; our registered nurses and case managers are often the only contact families and participants have. We reduce stress for caregivers and decrease burnout.